The Shifting Popularity of Genres by Melinda Leigh

Lately I’ve done a lot of thinking about the shifting popularity of fiction genres. Do they reflect the current social condition? Or do people simply need a change now and then?

Are paranormals popular because people are seeking an escape from their whole world? Does it take more of a fantasy element for people to get out of their own heads during stressful times? I’ve also heard on various loops/blogs that comedy is making a comeback. I assume in tough times, people have a harder time getting a good laugh. I

I’ve always loved comedy, even the most inane. My mother-in-law loves movies and books about people dying of diseases. You’d have to duct tape me to the chair to keep me in the same room.

In horror, I’ve always chosen movies and books with supernatural, bordering on silly, creatures and villains. My brain thinks it’s okay to be scared by things that don’t exist. My favorite is Lake Placid. Gotta love a forty-foot crocodile that takes a wrong turn and accidentally migrates into a lake in Maine. But Friday the 13th? No way. That could actually happen. I don’t need anything else to keep me up at night.

Does anyone else have rationality for the type of entertainment they like best? And does it change based on your personal situation?

Melinda Leigh is an award-winning, yet unpublished, writer of mainstream-leaning romantic suspense novels.

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