The Best Research Tool Is A Four Letter Word By Dianne Gerber

My heart beats faster than a teenager who is about to be kissed for the first time. Why you ask? Life. A simple four letter word that holds meaning beyond any other. Life.

Life takes over sometimes. It gets in our way, causes our desires to be on hold and plays havoc with our goals. Life frustrates us, causes us to worry and keeps us up all night. Life can sucky and suck our energy, leaving us drained, unable to think. But life also brings us friends and family, laughter and love.

Deep breath. Even though life spins us in circles, it’s important to remember to stop and breathe. Slow down, lighten up, chill out and enjoy what life is teaching us. The circle of life is ever evolving and it’s your turn to step up and take the wheel. The car can be replaced-a life can’t. A closing door opens another.

Life is why we exist. And it’s what makes a great story.

Breathe and take notes.

A lilac scented breeze lifts my hair and softly caresses my cheek. Two golden finches chirp excitedly in unison over the birdfeeder. My husband’s warm hand covers mine and my heart beats like a teenager about to be kissed. Life.

Dianne Gerber writes as Autumn Jordon

2009 Golden Heart Finalist

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