Noble Blood by Linda Parisi

Today’s Magical Read is Nobel Blood by Linda Parisi

The Nobility: A race created by the effects of a meteorite. A dying race. A race without a True Noble birth in over a decade.

The Water of Change: Water changed by the meteorite, able to turn a human into a Noble, an ability certain to cause death. Forbidden to be used by the Nobility’s most sacred law.

A Law Broken: Tamara Duncan has just been made into a True Noble and left with no memory of her former self. Nicholai Valentin accuses her of trying to kill his brother and destroy his House by using the Water. Is she part of a plot, or simply a pawn in something bigger than either of them can imagine?

A Quest for Truth: Together, Nicholai and Tamara journey a dangerous path to seek the truth. Along the way they will be tested, and as they seek the truth, they find strength in each other; a strength that will lead to love and more than they ever bargained for.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s magical read. All of these titles and more will be available at the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference book fair on March 19th from 5:30-7:00pm.

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