Looking forward to LSFW conference!

Will they be able to tolerate me? Will crowds part and leave a wide swath when I pass? Will I meet new people who will ask me why I have a white streak in my hair (FYI: homage to Rogue)? Looking forward to meeting kindred spirits who may/may not do some/all of the above.

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As a child, M. D. Mascaro suspected that she was sent to this planet by angry alien politicos as punishment for publishing scathing exposes. Upon discovering this, her parents summarily dispelled the delusion. They informed her that the gypsies left her. Finishing college with a degree in English Literature and three teaching certifications, it was only natural that M. D. would take a dead-end job in retail and sing in a rock band on the weekends. Assiduously avoiding any sort of employment that correlated with her education, she spent various incarnations as Nashville songwriter, taxi driver, actress, waitress, and voiceover artist. To name a few. This kind of life experience made writing for teens a natural. When her son was born, M. D. did the best she could to settle down. She taught art in high school where her arrested development helped her relate very well to her charges. She raised her son to be a wizard. M. D. now writes fiction exclusively in order to avoid any more trouble with the aliens.

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