Tech for Free! Keeping a Writer’s Costs Down by Caridad Pineiro

Tech for Free! Keeping a Writer’s Costs Down
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Whenever I buy a new computer for the office or home, I’m always astounded at how the biggest part of the price is for the software! Now, I understand that there’s development costs and the like, but it’s still a big chunk of money to put down for something that you will have to buy again in a few years.

So because of that, I am always on the lookout for freeware or shareware that’s inexpensive and keeping my eye open for new ways of doing things that will make my life easier.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve discovered!

  • AVG Anti-virus: Great free anti-virus program for basic protection. AVG also has root-kit protection and a number of other free products.
  • Babelfish: Need to translate to and from a variety of languages. This is one of the better translators out there.
  • Cooltext: Need a new banner or logo? Need to find a new font to use? This is the place for you!
  • Dollzmania: Want to create dolls, glitter graphics, avatars and more? This is a great site and easy to use.
  • Flash Forge: This is a free program which converts Flash files into screensavers with installers.
  • GIMP: GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program and is good free software for working with images, photos, etc.
  • GoogleDocs: Need to backup some documents? Or keep them where you can access them from anywhere? Open a Google account and check out GoogleDocs which offers basic wordprocessing, presentation and spreadsheet capabilities.
  • Microsoft GIF Animator: Created animated banners using this free software. You will need to make sure all your files are GIFs.
  • PrimoPDF: Free software for creating PDF files.
  • A-PDF: Need to extract text from a PDF file? Another piece of freeware to do that for you.
  • WordPress: What can I say? An absolutely fabulous, free and friendly way to build a website. All of my sites are now built in this and it gives me amazing flexibility with the many plugins that are available to use.
  • Hope some of the above help save you a little time and money!

    Caridad Pineiro
    Caridad Pineiro

    Caridad Pineiro is the USA TODAY and NY Times bestselling author of twenty novels. In 2007, a year marked by six releases from Harlequin and Pocket Books, Caridad was selected as the 2007 Golden Apple Author of the Year by the New York City Romance Writers.Caridad’s novels have been lauded as the Best Short Contemporary Romance of 2001 in the NJ Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest, Top Fantasy Books of 2005 and 2006 by CATALINA Magazine and Top Nocturne of 2006 by Cataromance.

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