2009 April Workshop – Show up Naked Keys to Writing the Male POV by Chris Redding

The April Workshop was:

Show up Naked Keys to Writing the Male POV by Chris Redding

Author Chris Redding has come to the conclusion that to woo a woman you have to do a long grocery list of things, including present her with flowers and chocolates. For men, all you have to do is show up naked and bring food. With this in mind, Chris has developed a workshop on writing from the male point of view. Listen to this podcast of the LSF Writers April meeting and learn everything about Manspeak and more.

About Chris Redding: Chris Redding lives in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and a dog. Since childhood Chris has managed to surround herself with men. As the only girl who could throw as well as the boys, they often rounded her up for pick up games of stickball. In college she delivered pizza, a male-dominated profession. Then she went on to become an EMT and work for a local hospital in the Emergency Medical Services Department. Both of these jobs mean she is constantly in contact with her research subjects: men. Chris is a member of LSFW, WRW and RWA. Her first book, THE DRINKING GAME, came out in 2004. Her second book, CORPSE WHISPERER, was a 2007 release. For more information on Chris, please visit Chris Redding Blogspot

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