2009 September Workshop – Publicizing Your Book by Judy Spagnola and Kiersten Krumm

The September Workshop was:

Marketing and Publicizing Your Book by Judy Spagnola and Kiersten Krumm

In this workshop, Judy spoke about what an independent PR company can do for an author at different stages of his or her career and Kiersten spoke about the importance of back cover copy in helping promote an author and sell books.

About Judy Spagnola – Book Trends: Judy Spagnola’s career in the book industry began as a bookseller for an independent bookstore. She soon became a store manager, an area manager, and finally the national buyer for Literature, Poetry and Romance at Waldenbooks, where she was responsible for purchasing for over 1400 stores. When Waldenbooks moved to Ann Arbor, Judy formed her PR company, Book Trends, on the advice of author Andrea Kane, who became Judy’s first client. Judy uses her many contacts among booksellers, buyers, distributors, merchandisers, and reviewers, along with her in-depth knowledge of the book industry, to help promote and sell her clients’ books. On her website, www.book-trends.com, you’ll find a list of authors she has worked with.

About Kiersten Krumm: Kiersten Krumm has been writing back cover copy for ten years. She currently writes for Hachette, both for the Forever line and for Grand Central. She has also written for Avon/HarperCollins, St. Martin’s Press, and Pocket Books. She’s been writing exclusively for Hachette since 2003 and has written for Julia Harper, Sherillyn Bodine, Jane Porter, Megan Crane, and Sandra Hill, among others.

Publicity with Judy Spagnola & Kiersten Krumm from Liberty States Fiction Writers on Vimeo.

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