Creating and Cultivating a Multi-genre Career by Carol Goodman


Urban Fantasy. Romance. Adult. Suspense.
Young Adult. Horror. Mystery. Paranormal. Erotica.

With so many different genres, which one speaks to you?
If you’re like other writers (and readers!) the answer is: more than one!
How, exactly, does a writer create – and cultivate – a multi-genre career?
Does it mean developing multiple personalities?

Join best-selling, multi-genre author Carol Goodman as she takes us through her writing style and her strategy for carving out a thriving and vibrant multi-genre career while staying sane. She’ll tackle questions such as:
What are the challenges of writing, promoting and reaching different audiences?
What are the creative and business rewards and benefits?
What are the differences between writing in multiple genres and writing a cross-genre novel?
What are the positives and the pitfalls of writing in multiple genres?

CREATING & CULTIVATING A MULTI-GENRE CAREER from Liberty States Fiction Writers on Vimeo.


Carol Goodman/Juliet Dark is a best-selling, multi-genre author.

As Carol Goodman, her books have been nominated for the IMPAC award twice, the Simon & Schuster/Mary Higgins Clark award, and the Nero Wolfe Award. Her second novel, The Seduction of Water, won the Hammett Prize in 2003.

Juliet Dark is the pseudonym of critically acclaimed award-winning literary suspense writer Carol Goodman, whose novels include The Night Villa and The Lake of Dead Languages. Since the inception of her career, an element of the supernatural—along with an affinity for academia and a deep knowledge of folklore—has pervaded all of her work. With the publication of The Demon Lover, the first book in the Fairwick Trilogy (which also includes The Water Witch and The Angel Stone), Goodman crossed over into the paranormal—a genre as seductive for her as it is for many of her fans. Appropriately enough, her heroine Callie McFay is a doorkeeper—a half-witch/half-fey professor of folklore and Gothic literature who stands at the threshold of our world and the world of Faerie. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her family and teaches creative writing at SUNY New Paltz.
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