Create Something Magical Conference Book Fair Registration

Book Fair Registration Form

  • If you would like to sign at the 2016 Create Something Magical Book Fair you'll need to complete the registration form below. Watchung Booksellers will again be handling sales at the signing. Please fill in the form below to request the titles and quantities you would like to sign.

    Each author will be allowed a maximum of three titles.

    In order to be eligible to sign at the books fair you must meet LSF Writers Published Author Criteria. Members of Liberty States Fiction Writers will be recognized as a published author if they meet one of the following criteria:

    • Signing a contract with a non-vanity, non-subsidy traditional legacy press or electronic press.
    • Short story writers must have a minimum of 5 works of fiction with nationally recognized publication(magazines, electronic presses). They must have earned a minimum of $100 in income on the publications. The $100 can be money earned for the entire collection of pieces or on one piece. (For the intents and purposes of this policy short fiction is defined as anything shorter then 20k in length.)
    • Self published authors must have earned a minimum of $1000 in sales on one title during the course of 1 year. Proof of this would consist of the submission of a statement/collection of statements to the board. **The only exception are conference speakers.

    If you are both bringing stock and ordering titles please select yes, and list only the titles you are ordering on the form below. DO NOT LIST YOUR PERSONAL STOCK TITLES.
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  • Please Be Aware - Only paid in full conference attendees are eligible to register for the signing. If you submit a form prior to registering we will not retain your form. Thank you.

Have Questions? Click here to contact the book fair coordinator.