Book Fair Registration

Book Fair Registration Form

  • If you would like to sign at the 2018 Liberty States Fiction Writers Book Fair you'll need to complete the registration form below.

    The Book Fair will take place on Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30 and will be open to the General Public as well as all conference attendees.

    There will be 2 authors per table. The tables are approximately 6 feet long, so plan your space accordingly.

    Banners will be permitted, but please be mindful of the space you are allotted and of course, possible safety issues as we cannot block areas for walking.

    Authors will be handling their own sales so please plan accordingly.

  • Please Be Aware - Only paid in full conference attendees are eligible to register for the signing. If you submit a form prior to registering we will not retain your form. Thank you.

Have Questions? Click here to contact the book fair coordinator.

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