Liberty States Fiction Writers Membership Application

Liberty States Fiction Writers Membership Application

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for membership.
  • Please read the LSF Writers Honor Code below.

  • Liberty States Fiction Writers (LSF Writers) seeks an environment in which LSF Writers members may work together, interact, and learn from one another in ways that protect both personal freedom and community standards. To achieve this goal, LSF Writers has established an Honor Code for professional interactions that is intended to encourage respectful communication and conduct. Implementation of the Honor Code makes it possible for a climate of trust, concern, and respect to exist among the members of LSF Writers and creates a climate conducive to personal and community growth.

    The Core Values of Liberty States Fiction Writers:

    Liberty States Fiction Writers is committed to the highest principles of professionalism. The core values of professionalism guide our actions. Those values are:

    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Compassion
    • Excellence
    • Collaboration


      The social relationships of LSF Writers members should be based on mutual respect and concern. LSF Writers members must consider how their words and actions may affect the sense of acceptance essential to a member’s participation in the LSF Writers community and use discretion to maintain the community standards.

      LSF Writers strives to foster an environment that genuinely encourages respectful expression rather than one which chills discussion due to the fear of censorship. Upon encountering actions or words that LSF Writers members find degrading to either themselves or to others, a member should feel comfortable initiating dialogue with the mutual goal of increasing understanding of each other and enhancing the LSF Writers community.

      The social concerns of the Liberty States Fiction Writers’ Honor Code (“Honor Code”) extend to all forms of communication, including, but not limited to: spoken discussion, written communications, posted writings and internet discussion forums. Each member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers’ community is expected to support and uphold all aspects of the Honor Code. Failure to abide by the Honor Code may result in the immediate termination or suspension of membership or may be grounds for the refusal to renew membership.

      We will include all members email addresses on the roster.
      Members of Liberty States Fiction Writers will be recognized as a published author if they meet one of the following criteria: Signing a contract with a non-vanity, non-subsidy traditional legacy press or electronic press. Short story writers must have a minimum of 5 works of fiction with nationally recognized publication(magazines, electronic presses). They must have earned a minimum of $100 in income on the publications. The $100 can be money earned for the entire collection of pieces or on one piece. (For the intents and purposes of this policy short fiction is defined as anything shorter then 20k in length.) Self published authors must have earned a minimum of $1000 in sales on one title during the course of 1 year. Proof of this would consist of the submission of a statement/collection of statements to the board.

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