Mayke It Happen!

This is the Liberty States Fiction Writers Mayke It Happen Challenge and no, that’s not a typo in Mayke!

  • The Goal: 60,000 words by midnight EST May 31, 2010 (hence the May in Mayke It Happen).
  • The Prize: Everyone who finishes their goal will be eligible to win a critique of their proposal (synopsis and three chapters) from either a published author, agent or publishing house editor.
  • Starting on February 1, 2010, you can sign up to be eligible for participation in the Mayke It Happen Challenge. This challenge is free for all Liberty States Fiction Writers members. The cost for non-members is $25.

    On February 1, you will be enrolled in a Mayke It Happen e-mail loop so that you can share your writing experiences as you endeavor to reach “The Goal” and also, ask questions of your fellow Mayke It Happen participants. The following published authors will be moderating the loop and providing guidance to Mayke It Happen participants:

      To be Announced

    On June 1, 2010 the e-mail loop will be closed and anyone who has completed their goal will be asked to contact Chris Redding, the Mayke It Happen challenge coordinator, so that they will be included in the random drawing to select the three individuals who will receive a critique from either an editor, agent or published author.

    Those selected will have until July 1 to polish their proposals prior to the critique.

    So get started on your novel and be ready for the February 1 kickoff of the Mayke It Happen Challenge!

    If you are a LSF Writers Member and would like to sign up for the Mayke It Happen Challenge, please click here.

    If you are not a LSF Writers Member and would like to sign up for Mayke It Happen Challenge, please click here.

    For more information on the Liberty States Fiction Writers and/or to join the Liberty States Fiction Writers, please click here.

    Many thanks to author and Mayke It Happen Coordinator Chris Redding for this wonderful suggestion!

    To contact Mayke It Happen Coordinator Melinda Leigh, please click here.

    To contact the Mayke It Happen Liaison RoseAnn DeFranco, please click here.

    We will be having the Mayke It Happen Celebration on May 15th at 11 a.m. at Michele Richter’s home. Additional information is available on the Members Only Home Page.

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