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“A house without books is like a room without windows.”

Heinrich Mann (March 27, 1871 – March 12, 1950)

Honor Calls
by Caridad Pineiro
February 2009
Nocturne Bites
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Michaela Ramirez has come to New York City to find the vampire responsible for killing and raping her mother. Honor calls to her to put an end to that vampire and any others who take human life, but she doesn’t count on finding an ally in an unlikely place. FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus Hernandez wants to understand why a local Tribeca bar seems to be crime central. When he goes to investigate the location, he finds himself challenged by the young and intriguing Michaela Ramirez. But when he comes to understand who she is and what her mission is in Manhattan, he fears that one day honor will call for him to stop Michaela from completing that mission.

by author P.K. Eden

Cynthia and Constantine (Beyond Camelot – Brother Knights)
by Kathye Quick
Wild Rose Press – English Tea Rose
Digital Release February 2009
Print Release March 2009
Lady Cynthia of Abertaine is trapped. Lord Simon of Cowell, a renegade warlord aligned with Mordred against Arthur and his Knights, has declared himself sovereign over Leyborne Castle and everything that once belonged to Sir William–including Cynthia. Sir Constantine, Knight of the Round Table, has come to the shire to give Cynthia the news that her fiancé has fallen in battle. When he finds Cynthia and discovers that the shire is under the control of an evil warlord, he knows he cannot leave without first driving Simon and his soldiers from the land. Drawn together by an attraction older than time, Cynthia and Constantine soon discover that though a vow made by a knight’s honor has brought them together, it may just also cost them their live

Fury Calls
by Caridad Pineiro
March 2009
Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN 0373618077
Blake Richards knows he messed up years earlier when he sired innocent NYU Coed Meghan Thomas. For years he’s been living in the background of the vampire underworld, watching out for Meghan. When danger arrives, he decides that it’s time to show everyone, and Meghan, that he’s a good man. That he’s reliable. Problem is that’s a hell of a thing to prove. Years earlier, Meghan Thomas was filled with fury with Blake stole her life and made her one of the undead. Despite that, she can’t deny her attraction to the sexy and unpredictable British punk vampire. Plus, he may have just saved her life by taking it since it helped her discover her new profession and a set of friends on whom she can rely. But when vampires start ending up dead and Blake is blamed, can she put aside her anger to discover the man he really is?

Sins of the Flesh
by Caridad Pineiro
November 2009
Grand Central Publishing

When an inoperable brain tumor robs Caterina Shaw of her sight and ability to perform, she turns to a radical gene therapy in order to recover the one thing that makes life bearable – her music. Mercenary Mick Carerra knows what kind of man he was. People come to him when no one else could handle their problems because Mick either solves them or eliminates them. His current assignment – locate Caterina Shaw, the woman suspected of murdering of a scientist at a high tech biomedical facility. But Caterina is not your typical murderer. In fact, Mick’s not even sure Caterina is even human. Together, Mick and Caterina must not only solve the murder, but fight a battle to recover Caterina’s humanity.

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