Young Writers Track

The Young Writers Track is intended for writers at all levels who wish to either learn or refresh select writing skills. The cost to attend ONLY the Young Writers Track is $25. Conference attendees who have paid the full conference fee may attend these workshops without any additional cost.

Young Writers Track Participants may attend the following workshops once they have registered:



Young Writers Registration – Exhibit Area

10:15 – 11:15

Lois Winston – Diamond C
Killer Pacing vs. Killing Your Pacing

    Ever hear the expression “Less is More”? When it comes to writing, authors would do well to take those words to heart. Too many manuscripts are rejected because writers draw out their scenes to the point where they become yawners, putting the reader to sleep instead of turning pages to find out what happens next. In this interactive workshop author Lois Winston will offer ways to avoid killing your pacing by creating killer pacing.

Nancy Quatrano – Diamond D
Backstory: How, When and How Much?

    Backstory is like the spice rub on really good brisket – too much or too little and the meal is ruined. Learn some tips about what to avoid, what to include, and how to test for the best application of the “good stuff” that keeps readers turning the pages.

11:15 – 11:45
Author Mingle – Exhibit Area

    Take a break to mingle and network with your fellow authors. Young Writer Attendees are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch if they so desire for the mingle time!

12:00 – 1:00

K. Edwin Fritz – Diamond C
Episodic Fiction: The Future of Publishing?

    With the massive changes the publishing industry has endured over the last decade, authors & publishers are still scrambling to find a source of steady profits even while readers are scrambling to find repeated content they can trust. Enter: Episodic Fiction, a mashup utilizing the steady publishing schedule of Television, the old-school teaser model of “Serialized Publishing”, and the financial success of the modern entertainment blockbuster, Netflix. This workshop will explore the design and uses of this phenomenon of the publishing world that just might provide readers, authors, & publishers alike with what they’ve been looking for.

Stephanie Queen – Diamond D
How to Optimize Your Novel Writing Process

    Learn how to define and measure your writing efficiency. Find new methods of improving efficiency that work to optimize your individual writing process.

1:15 – 2:15

Yvonne Ventresca – Diamond C
Career Track: Writing Young Adult Fiction: Information Session and Q&A

Rick Ollerman – Diamond D
What Do Real Detectives Do?

    Ever wonder what really happens behind the scenes when detectives arrive on the scene? How they conduct investigations? Rick Ollerman will share the reality behind what detectives really do.

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